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Dota 2: The International 3 Now Stands at $2 Million for its Prize Pool

Thanks to contributions from the community, Valve’s Dota 2 International tournament this year has raised a total prize of $2 million.

Previously announced, every player who purchases the in-game Interactive Compendium would add $2.50 to the total prize pool. At the $2 million mark a new HUD skin was promised and has been now unlocked for all Compendium owners.

Since the threshold has been reached, Valve has now increased the goal to $2.2 million. At which all players will be given “a taunt item with a brand-new animation for all Compendium owners”. At $2.4 million owners will be allowed to “vote on participants in an eight player Solo Championship (1v1) at The International.”

Finally, if the home goal of $3.2 million is reached, the community will be able to choose the next hero released in the game.

Originally, the prize pool for this year’s International tournament was said to be $1.6 million. Comparing it to rival League of Legends, Riot Games’ moba still carries the trophy for the largest eSports prize pool yet, which was $1.97 at the Season 2 World Championship last year in October.

The International 3 will run from August 7 through 11 at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall.