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David Jaffe Working on New Indie Title Autoduel

Creator of Twisted Metal and God of War David Jaffe has been revealed to have joined an indie game studio Pixelbionic as its creative adviser.

Jaffe will be working with his new team on the firm’s first title called Autoduel, which features vehicular combat, something Jaffe is well versed in.

Autoduel is going to be released for the PC and will be an online multiplayer title which “combines the high-octane thrills and spills of team-based car combat with RPG-influenced persistence and progression.”

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, players will be able to choose from over 20 cars categorized between three factions: Ratters, Scavengers and Techies.

Each car can be upgraded in terms of weapons, armor or performance. Additionally, you can slap on custom paintworks and decals to “show their allegiance and express their unique style.”

Autoduel is going to be funded by a Kickstarter campaign which will launch “soon.”

“Our mission is to assemble a team of car combat visionaries to deliver the game fans want to not only play but also help create,” said Pixelbionic cofounder and President Mike Arkin. “Autoduel pairs the vision of the best talent in the industry with the enthusiasm and support of gamers, a combination we are confident will set the bar for what can be achieved in a new PC vehicular combat game.”

After the new Twisted Metal, David Jaffe left Eat Sleep Play studio last year.