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Ubisoft Ends Financial Year 2013 on a High Note

It looks like Ubisoft have a very strong position in the industry following the last financial year. Today the publisher announced a 13.5% increase in sales and $1.6 billion with non-audited operating income nearly doubling from the $72 million from last year to an astonishing $129 million at the end of 2013.

With the upcoming move into the next console generation, there’s a lot up in the air. Companies could make it or break it in the all new terrain, so it’s time to solidify their positions and make sure that they’re ready to survive and take advantage of the coming change. Ubisoft are in a prime position now and are more than prepared for the unveiling of the eighth generation.

With such huge series as Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance sitting pretty in the top 20 best selling franchises (Assassin’s Creed itself taking a very impressive 5th spot), and more entries in both of those franchises still to come, there’s a lot of potential sales right there. Games such as Assassin’s Creed III have sold 12.5 million units across the digital and retail markets, whilst titles like Far Cry 3 are shifting more than 6 million copies and Just Dance 4 carrying its franchise with an impressive 8.5 million sales.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Splinter Cell: Blacklist are both expected to do very well on the market, helping Ubisoft further. Not only that, but with new two brand new IPs in the form of Watch_Dogs and a mystery title that Ubisoft haven’t revealed yet, they’re set to take advantage of a huge portion of the market. More titles such as South Park: The Stick of Truth and another unannounced title are also on the cards, giving Ubisoft six huge releases coming in this new financial year.

Things are definitely looking bright for Ubisoft and as a huge fan of their titles, I am looking forward to a potential future in which they have a larger part of the market. With great games such as Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, I can’t wait for the likes of Watch_Dogs or whatever else Ubisoft have to reveal.

Source: Ubisoft