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There Will Be No GTA 5 at E3 2013

Take-Two, the financial muscle behind Rockstar games has announced that the company won’t be showcasing GTA 5 at E3 this year. Instead of showcasing the game at the grand stage, the company aims to reveal more gameplay at events spread throughout this summer.

Take Two president Karl Slatoff said this in an interview Seeking Alpha, “This year, our labels will not have a booth on the show floor.”

It certainly doesn’t mean that the company wouldn’t be there at the biggest gaming show of the year. To put into Slatoff’s words, “Our team, however, will be present at the show, and we look forward to seeing many of you there.”

To showcase and reveal the most anticipated game of the year, the publisher plans to organize and attend a number of events spread throughout the summer and spring this year.

Slatoff further added that the company is in the favor of such events and that they consider it an amazing platform for the gaming industry to get together and reveal what they have in store for the fans across the globe.

He continued, “It’s a great place for the industry to get together, and we’re highly supportive of it. This year it just didn’t make sense for us at the same level.” There we have it, the reason Rockstar won’t be showing up for the conference. Depriving all the eager gamers across the globe of having a chance to see one of the most anticipated games of this generation is definitely something to mourn on.

E3 2013 is around the corner and will happen at 10th June 2013 at Glance Center, Los Angeles, C.A, while the GTA V is expected to release at September 17th 2013.