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Saints Row 4 Commander In Chief Edition Now Available For Pre-Order

If you thought the recent footage that’s been surfacing for Saints Row 4 has been over the top, you really haven’t seen anything yet. If you really want to see the limits of what Volition can throw at you, you’ll pre-order the Commander In Chief edition.

The Commander In Chief edition is a version of the game that is truly worthy of the leader of the free world. You get some very appropriately patriotic duds in the form of the Uncle Sam Suit, and a weapon called ‘Merica, which looks like a guy duct-taped half a gun store together.

There’s also a new vehicle called the Screaming Eagle plane, which is shaped like a screaming eagle (surprise, surprise). Saints Row 4 will see the Third Street Saints voted into presidential office on August 20 in North and Latin America, and August 23 in other regions.

The game looks to be hilariously over the top. The demos and gameplay videos shown so far feature dubstep weapons, which create instant raves, a gun that blows up peoples (it literally blows them up; they expand like balloons until they pop) and superpowers. It seems that the president is to fight off the evil intergalactic tyrant Zinyak and free his people from the virtual hell they have been trapped in.