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Microsoft Game Points System Getting Replaced

It looks like the Xbox 360 is going to see the end of it’s Microsoft Points system in favour of a real-currency payment option that Microsoft are working on.

The sometimes confusing Microsoft Points system is a universally accepted part of the console. It’s how you pay for any digital transaction on your Xbox, but there’s always been this sort of wrong feeling about it. At least with me anyway. I’ll frequently buy 800 or so points for my Xbox in case there’s some interesting Xbox Live Arcade title I want to try out, or there’s a big DLC pack coming up that I want to check out. I always seem to have random spare points available, and that’s kind of why the points system exists, isn’t it?

It can take me a while sometimes, but after much practice I can figure out just about how much I’m spending on points in relation to how many points I’m spending on games. After years of honing this skill, Microsoft have turned around and decided that it’s a defunct skill and that they’re going to replace the points system with a new real-currency system.

According to a recent report on The Verge, Microsoft are retiring the Points System and will be replacing it entirely with a gift card system as well as allowing direct payments using credit or debit cards. The gift card system will be much like the points system, but it will work out into dollars/pounds rather than the sometimes-complex pile of points that we’re used to.

This new system is set to work across multiple platforms, including the Windows Store, the Windows Phone Store, and the Xbox Live Marketplace. The need for only one account across these multiple systems as well allows for some really great synergy between the various platforms.

It’s unknown if this new payment system will take over on the current Xbox Live Marketplace or if it will launch with the next Xbox that’s being revealed next week.