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Get a Sneak Peak at Nvidia’s New Handheld – Nvidia Shield

Announced in January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event, Nvidia brought forward the prospect of a new handheld console known as Project Shield in the market currently saturated by 3DS and PS Vita. Nvidia has further refined the prototype showcased at CES and has re-branded it as Nvidia Shield.

The new console retains the hardware specifications showcased in the CES prototype. The console is powered with Nvidia’s own Tegra 4 mobile processor and 72 graphics cores.

Nvidia Shield also supports a 5-inch multi-touch screen that can display gameplay in 720p but is also able to broadcast 1080p+ resolution on external display devices via HDMI connection.

The new updated look for Nvidia Shield features a slightly raised directional pad as well as features on the back on the consoles including mini HDMI out, 3.5mm audio out, mini USB port for charging, and microSD slot for up to 64GB of extra flash storage.

With all that storage, users of Nvidia Shield will be able to download games and applications on to the system via Google Play and Nvidia’s TegraZone, all of which will be managed with the Android Jellybean operating system. Shield can also utilize its internal 802.11n wifi chip to stream games live from a home PC, provided it is equipped with a GeForce GTX 650 graphics card or higher.

On the price front, the Nvidia Shield is expected to cost $349 per console with a tentative release window of Late June 2013 and pre-orders starting in two weeks; at May 30th.

For a visual representation of Nvidia Sheild, have a look at the preview pictures for the system:

Source: engadget