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E3 2013 – Expect Playstation 4 and Next Xbox Price and Release Date

All the clues given and predictions made by the Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter are either obvious that almost everyone already knows them, or they depend upon hopes that are too good to be true! However, it’s the next-generation consoles we’re talking about here! Too obvious or too good to be true – they’re worth a shot.

What Pachter said is the gamers will be able acquire the three most anticipated pieces of information regarding next-generation consoles from E3 this year, and those are: price, release date and look of Playstation 4 and Next Xbox.

In his recent show, he judged both Sony’s and Microsoft’s approach towards their respective next-generation consoles and he was kind enough to regard Sony as “Smart” because they did a reveal in February that kept the buzz about Playstation 4 at its peak. However, now he believes that as the Microsoft’s press conference is approaching, the talk about Playstation 4 are slowly “Fading away”.

Not only this but he also said that timeframe in which E3 2013 is happening will give gamers quite some time to ponder over it again and again and decide which console are they going to get. According to him, both these next-gen consoles will release somewhere in November 2013. That will give you roughly 6 months.

That’s all for the prediction, no one actually knows what Microsoft holds for their conference which is now less than a week away. Will they reveal the actual console, give the price tag or announce a release date, all remains to be seen. Can they do all this in an hour considering the fact that they have to leave some time for Call of Duty: Ghosts? We will see.

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