Activision Looking For Participants For Focus Group Study To Improve Call of Duty Series

It looks like Activision is preparing a ‘Focus Group’ by selecting participants via Call of Duty Elite for an up coming special event in Los Angeles. They are looking for a handful of skilled teams/players for the event to improve gameplay and overall quality of the future of the series.

The event has been confirmed to take place on either May 20th or May 21st. The following image below is an invite to join a Focus Group, for the event:

Players acting as free agents are looking for teams to enter the focus groups. You can check out this thread on the official forums if you are interested.

There seems to be no word on the exact call of duty game which it relates to, however I think I would incline towards Call of Duty: Ghosts or it could have something to do with the eSports initiative which gained popularity with the launch of Black Ops 2.

You guys can assemble your teams and try out for the event if you think you’re skilled enough! Are you?