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Two New Trailers For XCOM: The Bureau

After a total of seven years in development and three studio swaps, 2K Marin has finally released some gameplay footage of XCOM: The Bureau in the form of two trailers and a bunch of screenshots, check it out:

The first trailer features a great deal of gameplay footage of a level along with commentary from Senior Producer Nico Bihary. We see some tactical decision making done on the fly by the player character, who is a FBI Special Agent named William Carter. Carter dictates the actions of his squad using Battle Focus mode, a gameplay mechanic through which he can give his team commands in slow motion.

Nico compares it with Football. He says that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is like the player is the team coach, and is giving out commands from the sidelines. However, The Bureau is like the player is the team captain, and is giving out orders on the fly, in the midst of the action.

Just like in Enemy Unknown, squad members are susceptible to permanent death, upping the tension in each firefight as unlike in the turn-based game you don’t have the luxury of time to carefully consider every move.

The second trail is quite a bit shorter, and reveals (ha!) a little about The Bureau’s cryptic storyline and all the cover ups that are involved with it.

What do you think about the Bureau? Do you like it? Do you think it even captures the spirit of XCOM?