The PlayStation 4 Reveal Ad is Fake – Sony

An earlier video claiming to offer the first look at the PlayStation 4 console has been confirmed by Sony to be fake.

The video titled “Reveal PlayStation 4 PS4 E3 2013” went up last night and features a series of people staring into a camera, while the iconic PlayStation button symbols reflect in their eyes. As for the console itself, it comes up in a frame or two.

The PlayStation 4 was announced earlier this year but Sony decided to keep the console itself behind the curtains.

“I’m sorry we did not show the hardware,” Yoshida then said. “But we have plans from now–in February–through the year for the launch. We like to disclose things based on what we think we really want to communicate first. And next time we will talk about these things.”

Sony’s E3 presentation scheduled for June 10 is expected to finally unveil the device.