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The Witcher 2: Modding Tools Officially Released

If you fancy creating your own adventures in The Witcher 2 then your time has come. CD Projekt Red has officially released development tools for the game which allows players the freedom to craft their own custom mods.

The Redkit can be downloaded for free from the studio’s website. Earlier in the day the studio accidentally released the modding tools but soon cut away the access. In response they said that some minor changes need to be done. Whatever those changes were have now been finalized.

The powerful Redkit enables users to quickly come up with their own terrain, build complex dialogue trees and create their own story lines. The modkit comes with all the assets from The Witcher 2, including shaders, textures, animations and models.

CD Projekt Red has long since focused on the PC community and specifically worked with modders. With the Redkit, the studio is honoring designer Philipp Weber from Germany for creating the best mod during the early beta period. He will soon be receiving a special Wither Sword.

Downloading the mod requires you to have a copy of The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings.