Borderlands 2: Launch Trailer for Krieg, the Psycho Released

Developer Gearbox has released the launch trailer for the upcoming new DLC character class for Borderlands 2, Krieg the Psycho.

The new class will feature the ‘Buzz Axe Rampage’ action skill. It lasts for 15 seconds and upon activation gives Krieg +500 Melee Damage. Each successful kill during this phase will give him back his entire health. Cooldown of the skill can also be reduced by taking damage.

The three different skill trees are going to be:

  • Bloodlust – Focuses on ranged combat. Dealing damage to enemies fills up the Blooslust stack to a maximum of 100 stacks.
  • Mania – Focuses on melee combat.
  • Hellborn – Focuses on elemental effects, particularly setting oneself on fire.

Over the weekend the developer also compiled a list of all videos released for Krieg into one neat thread, which you can go through here.

Krieg, the Psycho will release on May 14th for all platforms for $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points.