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American McGee Discusses the New Elements in Alice: Otherlands

Alice: Otherlands previously known as Alice in Otherlands, expected to be the third Alice game by Spicy Horse Games could use the nominal character wandering into the minds of others, confronting the evil and doing her part for the “greater good”.

McGee answered various questions related to the game for which the Spicy Horse Games is currently attempting to get license for. According to McGee, Alice: Madness Returns was all about fighting and controlling the tangible battleground while the original Alice was nothing more than combating with emotive beasts and mystic issues. However, Alice: Otherlands will unite both of these games together in an exciting way.

He also told that the story of the third installment in the game will enable Alice to utilize her powers and travel through the minds of people. We have already seen this sort of thing in several movies like Star Wars and Matrix.

Now that Alice has “mastered the psychological and physical domains,” she can master her powers and use them against the evil for the greater good.

“Check out Luke in Star Wars or Neo in The Matrix.” McGee wrote. This is exactly they are planning for Alice: Otherlands; taking your environment into consideration, controlling the minds of others and fighting for the innocent.

According to a press release by the company, Spicy Horse Games is currently looking for some costume players resembling Alice to cast them in the forthcoming kick-starter video. But that all depends upon the company getting the rights for the game, hopefully they will get them by the end of the May 2013 and if they didn’t, they will kick-start a new campaign for the upcoming Wizard of Oz.