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Microsoft’s New Console is Called Xbox Infinity – Report

According to a report by the Internal Business Times, Microsoft’s next console is called Xbox infinity and its development kits are already being worked on in a number of studios.

The claims come from unnamed sources who are said to be involved in the console’s development.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of the name. Almost two weeks back a leaked image on Reddit spoke of something similar. Additionally there were other ‘supposed Microsoft employes’ as well who mentioned the Infinity name behind pseudo names.

Xbox Infinity

Microsoft has already confirmed a reveal for their new console on May 21. While many would love to see the actual device, Microsoft is expected to follow Sony and leave the unveiling for their conference at E3 in June.

So what can we expect on May 21st? Microsoft will most probably announce the console and reveal its hardware specifications. New features, specially for the new Kinect will be highlighted, as well as a list of launch titles.

Last month we bunched up some of the most major rumors for the new Xbox into one post. It will keep you busy until the Xbox event later this month.