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Former THQ Head Danny Bilson Announces New Sci-Fi Horror Project

Danny Bilson, the former executive vice president of THQ has announced a new sci-fi horror project during the GameHorizon conference in Newcastle, UK.

The project is a game-and-film tie-in, something similar to what we saw with SyFy and Defiance. In his presentation Bilzon mentioned that maintaining a storyline between film and game is hard and no one has ever been able to pull it off without taking creative liberties.

However, with the help of his new partner, producer of Tomb Raider, Hellboy and Watchmen Lloyd Levin, they plan to bring something fascinating.

Bilson added that they look forward to releasing three two-hour episodes in a year, while releasing a narrative of three to four interactive chapters in-between the episodes.

…let’s take the fan from the film through three chapters of the game right into the next film. We’ve got the writers of the film writing the game narrative. We’ve got the actor’s likeness, voice, and the players – fans – can participate in the narrative, up to a point, and then rejoin the film narrative and it’s all delivered on the same devices: the PC, the pads or any digital device.

Bilson joined THQ in 2008 and was tasked with turning things around. He exited the company on May 29th 2012, with THQ’s announcement of bankruptcy following later in the same year.

Source: Eurogamer