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Dota 2 – Introducing the Compendium, The International Qualifiers and More

This last week before The International Qualifiers start has been a very busy one. Valve has placed the 40$ tickets to attend the live event but all of them have been sold within the first minutes they were available. To promote an even bigger fan interaction with the great event, Valve has introduced the Compendium!

This item is now available on the Store and it has a ton of very interesting features and content that will improve the fan’s experience and will add more layers of depth to The International 3 event. With its purchase, you will get the Legendary Smeevil courier that will evolve with each game you watch through the Dota 2 client.

Another cool feature is allowing players to compete  against each other with the prediction feature, not just the winner of each game, but also various things like “the highest critical damage strike” or “the highest gold per minute”.

It will also allow you to participate in community polls regarding individual player awards and right now it allows you to vote for your All Star matchup that will happen before the group stage games, you can vote on any 10 superstar players that will be participating in TI3 and even choose their roll for this very fun and exciting match.

And that’s not all, with every Compendium purchase, 25% of each sale will go directly to increase the prize pool so it’s another way to support your favorite teams. With just one day, over 40.000 Compendiums have been sold, which means that the fans have boosted The International 3’s prize pool by over 100.000$!

There are 3 goals of the Compendium that will offer its owners even more benefits, right now that the first goal has been reached, Compendium owners have been given a Battle Bonus that will grant them a 125% increased chance of getting cosmetic items that will even stack with other owners! The next goal will give even more options for the Smeevil courier and the final goal will grant out an additional Immortal item.

It is almost D day for the Western Qualifiers to start and it will use a GSL best of 3 double elimination format.

The groups are the following:
Group A: Team Empire, DD.dota, RoX.Kis and Absolute Legends.
Group B: Evil Geniuses, QPAD Red Pandas, ICCup and Mousesports.

The first game RoX vs AL will start on the 13th of May 13:00 CET so be sure to head over to GD Studio’s TwitchTV Channel.

On the Eastern Qualifiers a few things have happened.

Valve decided to punish LGD for changing LongD for DD in their roster after they had their invite so they got replaced by TongFu and LGD got relegated to the Eastern Qualifier. Because of this, there has also been a rescheduling of the qualifiers due to an agreement between Valve and Gamefy, these games will begin 20th to the 23th of May and then have a pause to accommodate the G1-Champions League LAN Finals (which LGD will participate in), and then they will resume 28th and end on 30th of May.

As a final note, this week’s Dota 2 patch has  two very interesting additions, one of them is the Solo Queue option for Matchmaking and the other will greatly improve the Client’s memory usage, meaning that those with really old PC’s will have a better chance at playing the game!