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Sony’s Earnings Report Records Profit for the Year

Despite a decline in Sony’s hardware and software sales, the firm has posted a profitable report for the 2012 fiscal year ending on March 31, 2013.

The mentioned profits are actually a result of various factors including corporate restructuring and favorable financial exchange rates. We would have liked to see the PlayStation involved in the report, but as things stand that’s not the case.

According to Sony’s earnings report, their games division saw to decreased sales compared to last year. Overall sales fell by 12.2 percent with an operating income of 1.7 billion yen, a decrease of 27.6 billion yen from last year. Decreased sales of PS3 and PSP hardware and software, as well as a price reduction of Vita were pointed out as major reasons for the fall.

Sony sold 16.5 million units of the PS3 and PS2 combined worldwide, which is down from the 18 million it shifted last year. Portable hardware (Vita/PSP), meanwhile, increased slightly from 6.8 million to 7 million.

Sony estimates to sell around 10 million PS3 consoles in its next fiscal year, with only 5 million units shifted of Vita and PSP combined. However, it expects the game division sales to increase greatly because of the new PlayStation 4 this year.

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