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Pokemon Tretta Lab Announced for 3DS, Comes With Tretta Scanner

The Pokemon Company has today revealed yet another new title called Pokemon Tretta Lab for the Nintendo 3DS which will come with a Tretta Scanner on the side.

Tretta is a plastic disc that can be scanned into a game to materialize characters or give boosts to existing ones. Its workings are similar to Skylanders.

Before playing you’ll attach the Tretta Scanner to your 3DS and install a downloadable software called the Pokemon Tretta Lab Main System. The scanner will come with attachment trays for both Nintendo 3DS and the 3DS XL. It will also require three AA batteries to operate.

Here are the three modes that are part of Pokémon Tretta Lab for Nintendo 3DS:

  • Tretta Analyzer: This mode is mainly used as a way to research Tretta. It will show your Pokémon’s strengths and uses in battle. You can also look at your many Pokémon in 3D.
  • Type Checker: Type Checker is mode that is used to research Pokémon and their types. You can use this mode to look at a list of Tretta you’ve yet to acquire and look up the best way to get them.
  • Auto-Battle: This is an original mode exclusive to Pokémon Tretta Lab. It is the main battle feature that allows you to use your own Tretta to fight against a wave of A.I. enemies or you can scan up to two Trettas and use them to fight against friends with your own rules.

Pokemon Tretta Lab is confirmed to come with Mewtwo, Eevee and Lucario Trettas. A Pichu Tretta will also be available as a pre-order bonus.

The game will release on August 10th for the 3DS and will cost 3,800 yen.