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Lucasfilm Registers Multiple Star Wars Domain Names

Lucasfilm has registered multiple Star Wars domain names, which might be the first step into a new era, following the recent EA inclusion.

Earlier this week Walt Disney signed an exclusive agreement with EA, giving them the rights to develop and publish new Star Wars games.

Here is the list of domains that were registered:

  • Star Wars Alliance
  • Star Wars Rebels
  • Star Wars Wolf Pack
  • Wolf Pack Adventures
  • Order 67
  • Bothan Spies
  • Gungan Frontier 2
  • Gungan Frontier 3
  • Gungan Frontier 4
  • Wookie Hunters

At this point it’s unsure as to which domains relate to future Star Wars titles. Some of them actually look to be the names of DLC packs rather than sole titles.

In any case Star Wars fans shouldn’t hold their breaths. In a financial call earlier this week EA laid down their list of games for the next fiscal year, none of which was a Star Wars title. If there is indeed any title in the make, we’ll probably see them after March 2014.

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