Guild Wars 2 Living Story: What’s Next?

The Flame and Frost: Retribution update last month concluded the living story for that particular story arc, and Guild Wars 2 Narrative Designers Angel McCoy and Scott McGough are here to tell you all about the lore of the Flame and Frost saga and how the Living Story will continue in further updates.

To start off, Angel and Scott talk about the relationship between the Dredge and the Flame Legion, and their collaboration for more power. Apparently the Dredge are a race that are technologically advanced but lack magic.

The Flame Legion on the other hand, (after being separated from the Iron Legion) has an abundance of magic but no war machines or industry. The two races have opposing ideologies but for the sake of mutual gain they have a tenuous alliance.

The designers also make mention of two central characters in the story; a Norn named Bram whose homestead was attacked by the Dredge-Flame alliance, and a young Charr named Rox. They team up in order to rescue prisoners that have been taken during attacks on their respective villages.

The video is pretty cool, so I’d recommend that you give it a watch, or better yet, purchase and start playing the game now.