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Star Wars: The Old Republic to Receive Two Updates for Bug Fixes

A couple of new updates will release for Star Wars: The Old Republic starting May 14. The two patches will not add any new content but will instead bring general improvements and bug fixes.

Community manager Eric Musco announced on the game’s official forums that both update 2.1 and 2.2 will fix some previously reported bugs, as well as adding improvements to the game’s interface and over all user experience.

Update 2.1 will release first on May 14 while Update 2.2 will go live on June 11. For further information you can head over to the forums.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is BioWare’s online MMO which started with a subscription mode. However, with falling numbers the team decided to shift to a free-to-play model instead. Since then monthly revenue of the game has doubled and more than 1.7 million new players have joined their ranks.