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Minecraft For Xbox 360 Gets Battle and Beasts Skin Pack

If you love Minecraft and happen to own the game for your Xbox 360, then I’ve got some good news for you. It seems that the 360 version of the game is getting two new skin bundles called ‘Battle and Beasts’ and ‘1st Birthday’ on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

The Battle and Beasts pack allows you to dress up as various warriors from different eras. You can pretend to be a Roman Soldier, a Gladiator, an African Hunter, a Soldier from the American Civil War and anything in between. That was the ‘Battle’ part, for the beasts, you can choose to look like a Crocodile, Baboon, HIppopotomas or several other animals. The bundle only costs $2 (or 160 Microsoft Points).

The second skin pack is a celebration if Minecraft’s first year on the Xbox 360. The game has been riotously successful, selling over one million copies in the first week and three million in the first three months. Apparently the 1st Birthday pack is free but unfortunately we have no information as to its contents.

A retail bundle of the game including all of the previously released updates will hit stores in June.