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GTA V: New Shots are All About Vehicles

Rockstar Games has released yet another new batch of screenshots for the latest GTA V installment.

The new shots are all about vehicles, giving us a better look at the new motorbikes, vistas and high-end luxury cars of Los Santos. One shot shows us parachuting as well, the scene wonderfully captures the setting sun and just firms our faith in the new GTA being the best ever.

GTA V will release later this year for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC version is still “up for consideration” but except for that we haven’t heard anything from Rockstar.

Speculations and previous GTA trends put the PC release around 7 months after the release of the console versions. It’s interesting to note that yesterday two German retailers went ahead and listed GTA V for the PC, additionally suggesting the game to release alongside the consoles this year.