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Diablo 3: Latest Patch Brings Nasty Gold Exploit

The latest patch 1.0.8 for Diablo 3 went live yesterday and brings some new changes and improvements to the game.

However, what was not intended was the introduction of a nasty bug which allowed players to double their gold in the auction house. That’s actually the good part, the bad part is that some players even manged to increase their gold to millions and trillions. Keep in mind that Diablo 3I also features a real-money auction house where players can exchange items for real money.

It wasn’t long before the bug went viral and Blizzard was forced to shut down auction houses in the game. As of now Blizzard reports that the exploit has been fixed and suspected accounts are being investigated. Those found guilty will have either their accounts suspended or permanently banned.

The firm also announced that they won’t be rolling-back the servers to correct the problem. The Auction Houses are expected to remain offline for another 24 hours.