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Devil May Cry Posted “Solid Sales” – Capcom

In a financial report Capcom states that they will heavily promote their two major titles of this year, Monster Hunter 4 and Lost Planet 3, in both the domestic and overseas markets respectively.

The firm also mentioned that they are working to lower development cost and shorten development times. A restructure of their development organization is a must to increase the ratio of projects worked internally while managing development overseas.

Surprisingly Capcom marked the DmC Devil May Cry reboot to have “solid sales” overseas. This comes despite the fact that the game was released to a community that wasn’t too happy over the new changes. Additionally the game also failed to meet its expected sales.

Dragon’s Dogma is another game which Capcom said to have done well, particularly in Japan. Devil May Cry sales are said to be at 1.1 million while Dragon’s Dogma is at 1.3 million.

Additionally, Capcom will also be taking measures to improve their management system. These measures, they hope, will include improvements in transparency, efficiency, cost reductions and financial structure, and will enable the company to remain flexible in a changing environment.

Source: Siliconera