SimCity 3.0 Update Fixes Traffic

EA and Maxis have just released the 3.0 update for their city building simulator, SimCity. Maxis seems to have been burning the night oil trying to get these fixes out as quickly as possible. This latest patch focuses somewhat on improving the AI of your citizens when they’re behind the wheels of a car.

One of the small yet important changes is the fact that cars can now make right turns at red lights. This may not seem significant, but is responsible for many a traffic jam. There has also been a change in the work shifts of businesses, meaning that all the employees of all your companies don’t all flood the street at the same time. Instead, the ends of the work shifts have been staggered throughout the hour, to ease the flow of traffic.

Hopefully update 3.0 fixes more problems than it creates. That was a problem with the 2.0 patch, which caused some really bad stuff to happen, such as the disappearing of delivery trucks and buses. I just hope nothing like this happens as a result of patch 3.0, Maxis doesn’t need more on their plate.

According to Maxis, Update 3.0 should hit the SimCity servers sometime later this week.

SimCity launched back in March and suffered a slew of technical setbacks. The game was buggy and the servers were not equipped to handle the massive amounts of people that were logging in and playing 6-8 hour sessions. It was also criticized widely for it’s always online component.