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Bethesda Softworks Teases New Game

Bethesda seems to have gathered up a dream team of upcoming games in preparation for the shift to the new console generation, with Resident Evil creator’s new title The Evil Within as the latest announcement. Well apparently, Bethesda Softworks isn’t done just yet. The company just released a trifecta of pictures hinting at yet another upcoming game. Take a look:

It’s pretty clear that it’s three individual images that have been cut and pasted together. Doing some more digging, and following the clue BethBlog left in by citing Gamespot, we found these:

We’re not sure which game in Bethesda’s stable these images refer to. At first I thought ‘Fallout 4! YES!’ but unfortunately BethBlog tweeted that the new game has nothing to do with Bethesda Game Studios (meaning it’s not a first party title). However, something strange was noted; the images on Gamespot were labeled z1960, y1960 and x1960. Continuing this set, the next image should be w1960, Wolfenstein 1960 anyone?

Ok, so that’s probably just wind speculation from me, but E3 will be coming soon, and coupled with the May 21st Xbox announcement we probably don’t need to wait very long for an official statement.