Tomb Raider Epic Moments Montage – What are Yours?

Tomb Raider’s official channel on YouTube has launched a video detailing the top ten moments in the videogame. Be warned, spoilers are present in abundance in this video. If you haven’t played the game yet, then watch it on your own risk.

The video showcases several moments from the game that made the reboot so successful. Whether it was the Tower Ascend or the Slide of Insanity, each moment was heat racing and exhilarating. The developers place Lara’s jump onto the helicopter as the greatest moment in the game. However, I have to disagree.

The best moment in the game was no doubt during the last boss fight of the game. It was when Lara picked up the two Desert Eagles and rained a hail of bullets down upon her enemy. This moment was not only super bad-ass but it also connected with the gamers on an emotional level. We were seeing Lara we had previously known. That moment was the accumulation of Lara’s journey, transforming her from a young girl to heroic adventurer/archeologist.

Tomb Raider was released last March on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game was met with universal critical and commercial success upon release.