The Last of Us Trailer Introduces the Infected

Sony has released a new trailer for ‘The Last of Us’, which explains how the enemies and ruined environments came about.

Inspiration for the Infected came to the developers after watching a documentary on Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis, a fungus which implants itself in the brain of ants and alters their behavior.

The Last of Us will show us just what happens when that fungus decides to jump ship and infect humans instead. Those infected will display zombie-like sluggish behavior during the early stages, before mutating into something grotesque at the later stages. These are called “Clickers” who hunt and navigate by using sound.

The video also talks about how Joel and Ellie are an unlikely a pair of game protagonists. Joel is a fighter by nature and is only concerned with survival; whereas Ellie who has spent her whole life inside military enclaves will find the outside world a bit exciting.

The Last of Us will release exclusively for the PS3 on June 14.