Leaked Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Footage

Footage of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 has surfaced on the internet. By all accounts, it looks a tremendous game to play. Sadly, none of you will be able to play this game as it was cancelled by its publisher; Lucas Arts, which in turn was bought by Disney and subsequently dissolved.

The footage was first spotted by Reddit’s member ‘zacattack101′ and posted by Vimeo’s ‘Blue_Monkey.’

This video is of the game in its alpha phase. It is not the pre-alpha phase hour long video you might have seen on the internet. Being a phase ahead, the gameplay featured in the game is considerably well polished. In fact, what I have seen is so good that I’m left flabbergasted as to why any studio with any amount of commons sense would ever cancel it. Well, that tells us a lot about Lucas Arts in its final few days.

This 6 minute long footage shows enough to leave us wanting for more. Personally, for me the best part about the game was definitely the aircraft combat. Besides that, the fight sequences shown in the game are truly awesome, especially the sword fights. Granted that the graphics could have been better but as far as the mechanics and details go, they look quite satisfying.

Well, anyhow this is something we can only sit and reminisce about. Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is dead and there are no signs of it rising from the ashes.