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Google Hires Game Guru Noah Falstein

It seems like Google is trying to strengthen its mark in the gaming world.

Although they haven’t made a big fuss about it, Google has hired Noah Falstein as its ‘Chief Game Designer.’

For those of you who do not know, Noah Falstein is quite a reputable game designer whose career began back in 1983 when he worked on the arcade game, ‘Sinistar.’ Since then he has worked in many studios. The likes of which include Lucas Arts, DreamWorks Interactive and The 3DO Company. Currently he is the president of ‘The Inspiracy,’ a consulting firm which deals in game design and production for clients. Furthermore, he writes his own column called ‘Better by Design’ for Game Developer magazine.

Perhaps Google has acquired Noah Falstien service’s to work on games for Google Glass. It is a possibility but nothing more than that right now. This is not Google’s first foray into videogames. Some of you may be familiar with Ingress, a massively multiplayer online video game created by NianticLabs@Google and released for Android devices.

We will keep you posted regarding this matter and will also like to wish the best of luck to Noah Falstein in all his future endeavors.