Counter-Strike Co-Creator Releases New Game ‘Tactical Intervention’

If you’ve never heard of Minh ‘Gooseman’ Le then let me illuminate you, he’s one of the original creators of the Half-Life mod Counter-Strike and once worked at Valve. Now, years after exiting the company, he’s finally come out with a new title, and it’s called Tactical Intervention.

Tactical Intervention is similar to Counter Strike, with two teams consisting of counter-terrorists and insurgents fighting each other in Hostage situations, Bombing scenarios and Deathmatches. What separates TI from CS however, are the car chases. Apparently you can take part in high-speed car chases blasting enemies with 12-gauge automatic shotguns.

Apparently the game is free to play and out right now. In an interview Minh mentioned that they’ve tried their utmost to not make the game Pay-to-Win. “95% of the guns in our game are available by accumulating game points”, says Minh Le and “5% [are] available through money transactions, but we’ve made sure not to make their abilities and stats ‘godlike’”.

Minh Le created the Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life along with Jess Cliffe in 1999 which then became insanely popular. Valve quickly bought up the mod and hired the duo to come work at the company for them. Minh eventually left due to the Counter Strike 2 project getting shelved and went to Korea to work on Tactical Intervention.

Source: Reddit, Games Radar