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Battlefield 4 Online Survey Reveals Dinosaurs as a DLC Possibility

A user on NeoGAF who claims to have participated in an online Battlefield 4 survey has shared some new details regarding DLC, Naval Combat and yes, Dinosaurs.

The survey contained questions for consumer’s likes and dislikes in terms of gameplay, their suggestions on destructible environments, what marketing ways would capture their interest and more.

Regarding DLC the survey mentioned the following possibilities:

  • The first DLC talked about remaking popular Battlefield 3 maps like Operation Metro and Caspian Border in the Frostbite 3 engine with new weapons and classes. Possible names for this DLC were listed as Battlefield 4: Recommissioned, Battlefield 4: Reenlisted, Battlefield 4: War Torn, and Battlefield 4: Reconstructed.
  • The second DLC concept focused on naval combat with more naval vehicles and coastal batteries. Possible names for this DLC were listed as Battlefield 4: Naval Warfare, Battlefield 4: Naval Combat and Battlefield 4: Steel Titans.
  • The third DLC concept talked about Dinosaurs, a co-op mode where you and your partner fight against the extinct beings with primitive weapons like a bow and arrow. Possible names for this DLC were listed as Battlefield 4: Primal Combat, Battlefield 4: Primal Warfare and Battlefield 4: 21942 BC.

EA was contacted to verify this claim’s authenticity and their reply was:

We value the feedback from our fans and are constantly looking for ways to improve our games. We conduct annual surveys that include topics that range from random ideas to specific themes to see what resonates. These are just some of the ideas included in our survey and not indicative of anything we have in the works.

The dino-mod has for long been teased by EA and DICE in Battlefield 3. They even added Easter Eggs in two of their DLC expansions. Battlefield 4 is awesome enough, a Battlefield 4 DLC with dinosaurs could easily give Call of Duty’s Zombie mod a run for its money.

Source: NeoGAF