Infinite Crisis: Poison Ivy Introduced as the First Support Character

A new gameplay video for Infinite Crisis introduces Poison Ivy, the floral super villain.

As it is with her ‘nature’, Poison Ivy will be commanding deadly roots and plants against her opponents in Turbines upcoming MOBA game. Capable of doing a good amount of damage at range, supporting her allies and focusing on crowd control, Poison Ivy is a powerful character choice in Infinite Crisis.

Root Strike is a knockup ability that also does damage. Blow Kiss is an extremely handy ability, damaging and blinding the targeted enemy. Thorn Shield provides a reflective shield to protect allies or herself.

Her ultimate, Deadly Flora, slows and hurts all enemies in a given area while healing and speeding up her allies.

Regardless of her damage, Poison Ivy is a support character in Infinite Crisis. Using her range, she can keep enemies at bay protecting her allies while they mop up the floor with them.

Passive: Healthy Glow
Every 6th Spell cast, creates a healing ring below her to heal her and allies.

Root Strike
Shoots a tunneling root that bursts, dealing power damage and knocking up enemies in the center.

Ability can be activated again to detonate early.

Blow Kiss
Blows a kiss to blind a target and deal power damage.

Thorn Shield
Shields an ally with thorns that slow attackers.

Deadly Flora
Summons a ring of plants that slow and deal damage to enemies, while healing and speeding up allies.

Public beta for Infinite Crisis will commence in a few days.