Sega and Gearbox Pass Statements Regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit

Developer Gearbox Software and publisher Sega have now responded to the earlier lawsuit filed against them over false advertisement of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Sega kept a pretty straight face refusing to comment on specifics and labeling the lawsuit as “without merit”:

SEGA cannot comment on specifics of ongoing litigation, but we are confident that the lawsuit is without merit and we will defend it vigorously.

Gearbox on the other hand was pretty aggressive in their statement:

Attempting to wring a class action lawsuit out of a demonstration is beyond meritless. We continue to support the game, and will defend the rights of entertainers to share their works-in-progress without fear of frivolous litigation.

Yesterday law firm Edelson on behalf of one Damion Perrine, filed a lawsuit against both firms for showing ‘false’ demo versions of the game to get it to sell. The final product had little resemblance to what was actually shown and to top it all off, both firms were also accused of purposely withholding review codes for the game before its official launch. This is tagged as a scheme to get consumers to buy the game based on previous assumptions without letting anyone review the game first.