Remember Me Gameplay Walkthrough With Jean-Maxime Moris

If you’re like me, then all you know about Remember Me is that it’s a game with an attractive female protagonist and revolves around manipulating the memories of various people in order to create rather implausible situations.

Well thankfully for us, creative director Jean-Maxime Moris has created and uploaded a small video walkthrough of the most important aspects of the game that makes it easier to understand. You can watch the video up above.

The main things to take away from the walkthrough (which is awesome, props to Dontnod Entertainment for releasing this) include the memory manipulation, a bit about the story and history, and the combat.

The memory manipulation gameplay seems really cool. Apparently, it revolves around changing an event in the recollection of a target in such a way that it fundamentally changes who they are. We see in the video that Nilin enters the mind of a security official and finds the crucial memory of that man being dumped by his wife/girlfriend.

In the original memory, the man tossed his gun onto that table and picked up an empty bottle to throw at the woman. Nilin, however, changes the memory so that the bottle is out of reach, making the man think that he’d picked up the gun and shot her instead. In a fit of grief, the security official commits suicide.

The combat seems pretty cool as well, and the upgrade system ties into the story without creating a break in the immersion.

Apparently, Nilin had her memories wiped at the beginning of the game, and the upgrade system is simply her repairing those particular memories of her combat training, regaining her fighting prowess in the process.

Remember Me will hit PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on June 4 in North America and June 7 in the UK.