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Microsoft Registers Several Xbox Fusion Domains in Preparation for Reveal

Microsoft has no plans to release the name of their new console until the official event on May 21st, however, they’ve just gone and done something that may possibly hint at it. The megacorporation has just registered a slew of internet domains related to the Xbox.

Fusible spotted the transactions and was quick to note down the relevant addresses. We appear to have the following;,,,, and

Now while this might not be the official name for the Durango, the sheer number of domains laid claim to suggest that this is at least something quite important. Besides, if it is the Xbox Fusion, then I will simply have to go out, purchase a Ford Fusion and figure out a way to play Metroid Fusion on it, so I can play Fusion on my Fusion in my Fusion.

This may or may not be related, but Microsoft also owns and

What do you think? Do you like the idea of owning a Xbox Fusion? What would you name it? Comment below and let me know.