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Halo 4 Prepares for Big June Patch

Halo 4 multiplayer team has been working hard to balance multiplayer since the title update 3 patch. They have been doing this in order to prepare a big weapon focused update this June.

Now that they have got it nearly prepared, the developers at 343 Industries will be inviting a small group of community members to try out all the latest tweaks. This will let them know what the future hold as far as Halo 4 multiplayer is concerned.

Don’t worry, if you are not in the select few who get to play the new update first, you will still be able to see it live as 343 Industries plans to live stream the event. However, 343 Industries has not announced when will this event take place. Whenever it happens, you will be able to catch all the action live on 343’s official Twitch page.

The developers have already confirmed that they don’t plan to release anymore updates after this one not for at least several weeks. They would rather ‘examine the results of how this update changes gameplay behavior, strategy, loadout selection and more.’

This update is set to go live on the June 3rd, on Monday. Shortly before that you will be able to read all the differences made on the Halo Waypoint.