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Fuse: Playable Demo Coming Next Week

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced today that a playable demo of ‘Fuse’ will be available on May 7th on the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

The demo will feature its signature four-player co-op or two-player split-screen. We’ll finally get to see for ourselves if all this wait was worth it.

In Fuse players control and switch between four different characters who must work together to protect mankind from Fuse, the nefarious alien energy source stolen by a paramilitary organization called Raven.

The game was first announced back in E3 of 2011 as ‘OverStrike’. Over time developer Insomniac Games decided to revamp it into ‘Fuse’. With so many delays and promises in between, I really hope Insomniac’s first multi-platform title is not all talk.

Fuse launches on May 28th for the PS3 and Xbox 360.