Elder Scrolls Online: Molag Bal Trailer

Elder Scrolls Online has gotten itself a spanking-new trailer, and in it; we get to see the big baddy of the game, Molag Bal.

For those of you who are not familiar with him; Molag Bal is the Daedric Prince. He is the God of Schemes, and he has returned to Tamriel threatening its safety.

The trailer is titled as ‘Journey to Coldharbour’ and is narrated by the smooth voice of Lead LoreMaster of the game, Lawrence Schick. Basically, this trailer provides us with the general plot setting of the upcoming MMO.

We get to know that Molag Bal plans to merge his Oblivion realm, Coldharbour, with Tamerial using ‘Dark Anchors.’ However, as always you will be the special guy that brings a god down to his knees. Player will be the chosen ‘Soulless’ person who will travel to Coldharbour, foil Molag Bal’s schemes and retrieve their soul from him.

Elder Scrolls Online has already gone into public beta. The game will be released eventually on the PC only. No firm release date has been given yet. However, the game will surely release this year.

Keep in mind that Zenimax Online Studios will be developing Elder Scrolls Online, not Bethesda Game Studios. They will focus their efforts on single player RPGs only.