Batman: Arkham Origins Features Film Noir Inspired Lighting

As the name implies, Batman: Arkham Origins takes place way back in the caped crusader’s timeline, way before any of the events of the current Arkham releases. In this prequel Batman is still a “mysterious force” in Gotham and relatively new in his crime-fighting career.

Naturally the locals are afraid of him, the law enforcements intrigued and the villains… well they’ll soon learn not to mess with Gotham with him around.

In such a setup, Batman will be sticking to the shadows more than ever. Developer Warner Bros. Montreal teases that the game’s mood will have an aura of fear and mystery.

Such a mood is hard to make and to perfect it, the developer will be going for a unique, gritty and dark “film noir” feel.

Film noir, a popular film genre from the ’40s and ’50s usually featured the main protagonist as a detective and very low-key lighting. The latter resulting in a lot of harsh shadows.

Batman: Arkham Origins is scheduled for a release on October 25, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U.

[Source GameInformer]