Grid 2 Videos Showcase Modes, Customization and More

When it comes to racing video games, most people are only familiar with names like Need for Speed, Burnout and Forza Motorsport. One game that constantly creeps through under the radar is Codemasters’ Grid.

The game was quite a success when it was released way back in 2008 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It managed to secure a metacritic rating of 87 across all three platforms.

Now, finally after a long time Grid 2 will be arriving on the 28th of May. As we keep on getting closer to the release date, the developers have started to bombard us with footage of the game.

In this latest video we see ‘race against the time’ action. The footage is in-game and it looks exhilarating and equally gorgeous too. All the action is seen from the windshield point of view of the car. This definitely gave a far more realistic feeling by having the player much more closer to the action. The break-neck pace at which the car was moving was still not enough to beat the timer.

If these few minutes of footage still weren’t enough for you and you are clamoring for more then you are in luck. Here is an hour long footage of Grid 2 with the developers detailing the many modes and aspects found in the upcoming game.