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BioShock Infinite DLC To Feature New Companion

BioShock Infinite reached mammoth proportions of success upon release a few weeks back. Perhaps the most prominent factor for BioShock Infinite’s success was Elizabeth; an AI controlled companion that accompanied you through most of the duration of the game.

However, Irrational Games is not hanging onto the past. Apparently, in the new BioShock Infinite DLC we will be accompanied by a new AI controlled companion. This was revealed by 2K senior artist Michael Shahan on his profile on LinkedIn. A bit of his CV read something like this:

providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character in Infinite

Since then this bit of information has been removed from his CV.

If this thing turns out to be true, then it will definitely be a bold move by Irrational Games. Elizabeth was a refreshingly deep and complicated character. All this made her a definite fan favorite.

Many will be saddened if Elizabeth does depart in the upcoming DLC. Besides that, Elizabeth brought forth a whole new level of sophistication AI companion gameplay mechanic. Trying to recreate that won’t be easy.

However, I am not really bothered by this news. Change is good, and we have learned well enough that Irrational Games is quite adept at surprising us. Hopefully, we will get a new character just as good as Elizabeth, maybe even better.

BioShock Infinite was released worldwide on March 26th. The game managed to secure an average metacritic rating of 94 across all three platforms. Our resident reviews editor, Will Benson, gave it a 9/10.

There is no word yet on when this new DLC for BioShock Infinite will be released.