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Something New to be Revealed Regarding Watch Dogs Soon

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is definitely one of the most hotly anticipated games of next-gen consoles

Now, it seems like we will get some new footage of the game pretty soon. This was revealed when the official Watch Dog account tweeted the following bit:

Surveillance Rpt #274789: Suspect Aiden Pearce was seen on Lake St. ctOS is pulling video, will be updated tomorrow.

From the tweet, it seems like we will be getting some gameplay footage of the game instead of a trailer. The tweet was accompanied by the image which you can see above.

Whatever is happening, it is going to happen tomorrow. We will keep you informed.

Watch Dogs is set to follow the story of Aiden Pearce. Apparently, Pearce will have access to all the information in the city. Moreover, Pearce can manipulate everything found in the city, from traffic lights to surveillance cameras everything will be at your fingertips. In simpler words; you will be a god among mere mortals. Sounds like a fun game to play.

Watch Dogs is supposed to be the lead title of Ubisoft on next-gen consoles. Surely, it will be a launch title on both the PS4 and the next Xbox.

Remember, to check back tomorrow.