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Valve to Skip out on E3 this Year as Well

Those expecting Valve to showcase their Steam Box or perhaps reveal more details regarding the home-console would be disappointed to know that the firm will not be exhibiting at E3 this year.

The confirmation came through an e-mail from Valve’s marketing head Dough Lombardi who said that they would be skipping out off probably the biggest gaming expo of the year.

The e-mail (below) was captured by Valve Time:

Valve isn’t the only one who has decided to ditch E3 this year. Earlier on software giant Nintendo revealed that they would not be holding their annual E3 presentation. This was followed up by an announcement from 2K Games’ spokesperson Ronnie Singh who also revealed that they would be sidelining from this year’s E3 as well.

So what’s wrong? 2K Games has stated that they are just too busy with their upcoming games to take time out for an E3 showcase. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata on the other hand announced that they would be focusing on smaller events instead.

E3 is one of the biggest media events of the year where publishers and developers from all circles come under one roof to show off their newest projects. However, recent trends have seen firms opting for a more direct approach with sites like YouTube and Twitch.

In the case of Nintendo, they clearly have seen better results with their frequent Nintendo Broadcasts. A most important factor to take in is also that doing so is very cost-effective. An E3 presence takes quite a chunk out of your funds, and it seems like the video game industry is now opting to follow Nintendo with their own online Broadcasts.

Regarding Valve’s announcement of the Steam Box, they might hold a separate event or perhaps just do a public direct press conference, Nintendo style.