Microsoft Envisions an Xbox 720 Working Together with IllumiRoom

What would you say to Microsoft’s IllumiRoom working together with their new Xbox 720 console?

With regard to the concept, the device would instantly gather information about the room when plugged into the new console. After that the device would project lights around the player’s television set to extend the image displayed in real-time.

Microsoft has released a new video showcasing the IllumiRoom in action, saying it can “change the appearance of the room” to “distort reality, extend field of view, and enable entirely new gaming experiences.”

Extending the television image in real-time is not the only thing IllumiRoom can do. There are plenty of examples where the device makes your whole living room a part of the game you’re playing.

Gunshot fire shaking up the room, falling snowflakes that bounce off furniture and the like.

“By distorting and reprojecting the room texture it is possible to warp reality and make it appear that the room itself is responding to the game,” says the video.

The new Xbox will be revealed on May 21.