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League Of Legends: Trundle and Sejuani Reworked – Champion Spotlights Released

Reworks for both ‘Trundle’ and ‘Sejuani’ were announced earlier this year by Riot Games for their very popular League of Legends. The work has been finally completed and new ‘Champion Spotlight’ videos have been released showcasing each champion in action.

Both comes with updates to their in-game model, as well as new effects for each ability, all-in-all catering to a winter-theme.

Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath
Sejuani on release was one bulky champion. The new update has made her even bulkier, with additional winter-themed armor and a heftier Bristle. Sejuani’s passive has been altered to enhance her armor with each successful hit and reduces slow effects on herself. Her ‘W’ spell has been tweaked as well, which you can check out in detail below:

Trundle, the Troll King
Compared to Sejuani, Trundle abilities are pretty much the same except for new particle effects on each of his abilities. Additionally the previous disease-theme has been replaced with a winter one. Trundle is no longer a plagued monster sulking around, he’s a King now with an ultimate spell that actually seems worthwhile this time.

The next champion to release in League of Legends is Lissandra, a mage with frost powers.

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