EVE Online TV Show? Yes Please!

Holy mother of god, this might actually turn out to be good. EVE Online developer CCP Games has just announced a partnership with Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur and his production company to develop the series.

I’m probably getting too excited for this. Video Game adaptations tend to crash and burn fairly regularly so I’m probably setting myself up for an enormous let down but all I keep picturing is Mad Men plus Suits times SPACE.

Baltasar Kormákur earlier notable works consist of one title that you may or may not have heard of; Contraband. The movie starred Mark Wahlburg as a retired smuggler who’s forced back to his old ways when a drug lord threatens the life of his brother-in-law. It’s got a less-than-stellar rating on IMDB, but I’m determined not to lose hope.

A really cool thing about the series that they mentioned was that the plot would include elements from real-world EVE Online player stories. Could this mean that we might see the infamous EVE Super Heist of the Guiding Hand Social Club? Oh God yes.

According to Kormákur the EVE Universe is ‘full of astounding stories of epic battles, daring heists, and gripping political intrigue’. It’s not hard to believe, as every few months or so we hear of a massive unexpected event going down.

One such example was the huge unplanned 3,000 ship space battle which saw destruction totaling to about 700 billion ISK in damages (the real world figure for that is no joke either).

With the kind of universe EVE Online is, I really hope the makers do this right, because if done right, this be really, really awesome.