Dead Or Alive 5 Expansion Incoming?

It seems like we will be getting something new related to Dead Or Alive 5 soon from Team Ninja.

There was teaser that suggested this played during a tournament in Japan. In the teaser we got to see Momoji, a Ninja Gaiden character. This won’t be the first time a Ninja Gaiden character has appeared in a Dead Or Alive game. Team Ninja is big on promoting character cross promotion.

This bit of information was first discovered by NEOGAF forum user raven 777.

From the looks of things, all we can expect to see is some sort of standalone expansion pack for DOA 5. A re-release of the game is something I don’t see happening. Dead Or Alive 5 was a solid and a fun game. However, it was not amazing enough to warrant a re-release.

Dead Or Alive 5 was first released last year on the PS3 and Xbox 360. It garnered a meta critic average of 74 on the PS3 and 76 on Xbox 360. DOA 5 Plus was released on the PS Vita, in it you could touch its rather scantly clothed characters. So, is there anyone out there anticipating more Dead or Alive hotness?